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High quality Iboga Rootbark from Gabon (powdered in capsules).

Our Iboga Rootbark comes from at least 10 to 15 year old trees.

Since Tabernanthe Iboga is a very precious gift from nature to mankind we feel responsible that this tree won’t become extinct. We work with a professional forest ranger who cares about the Tabernanthe Iboga tree. This means that only a portion of the root is removed from under mature trees, this allows Iboga trees to grow further. Also, to preserve the wild Iboga population, young trees are constantly replanted.

If you live in a tropical region and are interested in growing a Tabernanthe Iboga tree yourself, you can purchase seeds here.

Note: we sell Iboga for botanical research and educational purposes only. Our products are not meant for consumption.

4 reviews for Iboga Rootbark – (POWDERED IN CAPSULES)

  1. Kevin

    I was very pleased with the service I got. All my questions and concerns were addressed promptly and with great patience. My experience with this site has been one I would recommend to any person because they were not only knowledgeable, professional and courteous but they were kind and addressed all my needs.

  2. Akach Langi (verified owner)

    I am a distributor and always the feedback is the same. My last client was dependant on alcohol for numerous years. After one week’s dosage he stopped drinking alcohol after 20 years of daily dependency. Another client of mine was an alcoholic for the past 50 years. He started drinking in his teens and drank approx. 7-12 bottles of beer daily for the following 50 years. After his first Iboga capsule he already developed an aversion to alcohol. After consuming one Iboga Root Capsule daily for ten days he completely dropped his alcohol addiction after all those years. I have many similar stories to this! Very happy with the service as I see it cures many clients! The quality is also very good compared to others’.

  3. RL (verified owner)

    Product of great quality and value, right here. Just root bark though, no HCL or TA.

    These root bark capsules are ideal for microdosing, or perhaps something a bit more heavy. I don’t know if you can flood on bark though. It would take a lot. (an addict will often flood to kill the addiction. It is intense and will leave you bedridden and helpless for a day or four. You must research how to do it safely. You will vomit. This is a very serious matter, but if done correctly, it is a very wonderful and miraculous experience. )

    I received my capsules quickly, with no hassles, emails were politely and enthusiastically answered. Class act all the way.

    Will be a repeat customer for sure.

  4. Julieta (verified owner)

    Very good quality root bark and excellent service. I recommend!

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