Osho from Malaysia January 05, 2022

The iboga root bark powder supplied was of good quality and value for money. Items were delivered within the advertised time frame, and clear expectation was set up front with regards to delivery periods for respective regions. Above all, the level of customer service was the highlight. The people at buyiboga.com are responsive, very polite in handling inquiries and proactive in providing the necessary information required for one to get the most out of their experience. Will definitely buy from them again in the future as they have shown to be a trusted seller.

S. O. December 26, 2021

Very good quality iboga. Thank you guys.

Outstanding service and very good quality products. Also very understanding and helpful people. Very amazing service and products. I really appreciate it. Quality products and people ❤️.

Henrik, Sweden December 11, 2021

Hi there, just wanted to give you an update. So now, its been more than 2 months without kratom. And now, I have a whole new relationship with iboga. Well it feels that way at least.

It made a big difference to quit kratom, with that i mean this – that the iboga was somehow interacting with the kratom.. well(duh).

So now that this is no more of an obstacle to truly work with iboga, i use it allmost everyday now. With occasional breaks. Microdoses only, i have this microspoon i dose it with, i think its 0,1ml. So maybe thats 50mg per microdose. Or something like that. And thats enough. I take these maybe a few times per day, sometimes only 1 time, sometimes 2 or 3.

And the thing that it does for me is… i really just feel a much deeper connection with myself, and with people around me, and with nature.

It is also working as medicine for ptsd, for me. Which is often a motivator for me to use it. It snaps me out if it. Or something like that. It certainly helps, and thats what matters.

I could see myself eating this root fot the rest of my life.

I have said that about other things as well, like i once said i would use selegiline for the rest of my life (in case you dont know, its meddicine for parkinsons, mao-b inhibitor, enchances dopamine). But after iboga, the need to take this medicine is GONE. Even when i dont use iboga.

J. C. November 03, 2021

This product is, in my opinion, fantastic. Ordered 10grams, then re-ordered more to microdose.

Powerful, powerful first trip. Team were always responsive. Shipping is good as it can be watched as it leaves the country and arrives in the destination.

I have met the wood before so am aware of it, I would start off slowly and always remind yourself that you’re with the plant if things get difficult. It passes. Thanks buyiboga.com for the great service 🙂

David – February 21, 2021

The order arrived today, safe and sound.

I’m going to start my 30 days therapy with Iboga root bark, my goal is to increase my awareness and my inner silence as well and I hope this plant will help me. I’m planning to take 500 Mg/day in the morning, so it won’t disrupt my sleep in the evening.

I love plants, I ever loved them and I’m a Kratom (moderate) user since years; it’s because of this great plant I quitted smoking 5 years ago and quitted drinking alcoholics as well. I think Iboga and Mytragina together will help a lot in finding spiritual enlightenment, in a similar way don Juan teached Castaneda back in the 70s…

Julieta – January 6, 2021

Very good quality root bark and excellent service. I recommend!

M. Y. – May 25, 2019

Very happy with the quality of the Iboga root bark from BuyIboga.com. 
This is exactly the same quality as is found in Gabon in the ceremonies and I should know. Have a lot of experience with the official Bwiti ceremonies in Gabon from among others Mboka A. Nzambe where the shaman Adumangana resides as well as many other Iboga ceremonies around the world.

I find outside Gabon people use many different qualities of the rootbark but the Bwiti servings are always the second layer of the outer rootbark which is light brown without the white wood. Also important is how old the plant is as you should not harvest anything younger than 7 years of age.

I found that from BuyIboga.com they get the rootbark from Cameroon that is 10 years of age without poaching it from Gabon as often happens. Poaching or harvesting Iboga is illegal in Gabon because it is a protected plant, but in Cameroon it is legal and I am happy to hear they reforest the Iboga as well.

Also important is that it is not mixed with Voacanga Africana, which these days happens sometimes because it is much cheaper. As I know the difference from experience I can say BuyIboga.com sells pure Iboga rootbark without any mixture of other roots.

Word of caution – never perform a ceremony alone and without reading all you can about it. Also stay away from it if you are diabetic, having heart irregularities and especially if consuming pharmaceutical stuff for mental problems or heart problems. Never combine this with DMT or alcohol and all the other narcotics and stay away from grapefruit.

All the best,

Anonymous – January 9, 2019

The package arrived swiftly for the second time. The Iboga is top-notch. It came discreetly. BUYIBOGA is a trustworthy vendor for Iboga. They will not let you down!

Josh Wiles – December 21, 2018

You have a happy customer. The package arrived in roughly 10 business days to Canada. The package got here safe and sound and I’d say very quick because there is a problem with Canada Post right now and they are supposed to not be delivering as quick as regular at this time of the year. I’ll be back.

Akach Langi – September 7, 2018

I am a distributor and always the feedback is the same. My last client was dependant on alcohol for numerous years. After one week’s dosage he stopped drinking alcohol after 20 years of daily dependency. Another client of mine was an alcoholic for the past 50 years. He started drinking in his teens and drank approx. 7-12 bottles of beer daily for the following 50 years. After his first Iboga capsule he already developed an aversion to alcohol. After consuming one Iboga Root Capsule daily for ten days he completely dropped his alcohol addiction after all those years. I have many similar stories to this! Very happy with the service as I see it cures many clients! The quality is also very good compared to others’.

Kevin – June 24, 2018

I was very pleased with the service I got. All my questions and concerns were addressed promptly and with great patience. My experience with this site has been one I would recommend to any person because they were not only knowledgeable, professional and courteous but they were kind and addressed all my needs.

Steve – June 14, 2018

I was concerned at first about the quality and whether or not this was legitimate, in part because of reading this study:


But now I am quite happy with the order. I have been using the iboga for the last 5 days in microdoses, ranging from 50mg to 300mg, in order to help myself withdraw fully from kratom and phenibut. So far it is working perfectly. Shipping was extremely fast.